Creative SEO for insurance agents: “Contribute 1%”

How to act charitably and gain valuable links as an insurance agent?

(with a “Data Science” approach and usage of R)

How to act charitably and gain valuable links as an insurance agent

From this text, you will learn:
– what has an impact on a high ranking website of an insurance agent on Google
– how to contribute 1% tax to a public benefit organizations and obtain high-quality links. – how to choose charitable status for this cooperation
– how to use this Data Science / Predictive Analytics tool (R language)


The measures proposed by me below constitute a record of a theoretical approach to the issue and any person carrying them out does so on their own responsibility.
I have never advocated and do not recommend buying links from other sites, because it is against my and Google principles. The aim of the action below is to obtain a link to information about a charity on the website of an insurance agent.

Having been inspired by the English-language text of obtaining hard to get links, I have decided to adapt the original idea to the needs of insurance agents wanting to gain clients on the Internet. My goal was also to practice the usage of R programming language for data science and data visualization.

Position yourself high in Google as an insurance agent

Most experienced insurance advisors know that there are many online customer acquisition channels for insurance. However, one of them still gets many of the most valuable customers. The cost of customer acquisition in this channel, however, can be high. Speaking about Google. Both AdWords as well as organic positioning.

However, let’s focus on the needs of this text and on the organic search results for the needs of the insurance agent. I have already written once here in the past : about how to occupy high positions in Google as an insurance agent. I have written here about the SEO methods for an insurance agent:

Yet today it is time for a completely different approach to the subject.

One of the factors influencing the positions of the insurance advisors webpage in organic Google search results are links from other websites indicating the website of the Agent.

In short – the more of those links, the greater the authority for the domain which the links are coming from – and the greater the chance that the insurance agent’s website to which these links indicate will be high in search results .

Websites domains with high authority

The question then arises – what websites are usually the domain of high authority? Many experts of search engine website optimization and who obtain valuable links, state, among others, the types of websites which usually have a high domain authority:

√ university websites
√ websites of government organizations
√ websites of reputable titles and editorial offices
√ websites of NGOs

That’s right. The last point interested me the most. The majority of NGOs in Poland efficiently use the internet for marketing and have a website. Going one step further – any organization benefiting from the “1%” tax simply must have a website. They must also actively promote it.

Marketing for “Contribute 1 percent”

In Poland, there is a possibility to give one procent of your taxes to a charity of your choice. More details in a forum thread here.

The best proof of how large “pressure” charities have in promoting their website is the density of Google AdWords ads on the “Contribute 1%” slogan. Below, is a screenshot of 24.12.2015 showing the situation described. Assuming that advertising entities do not measure conversions (measuring 1% contributions of their tax based on Google AdWords ads would be an interesting challenge), it can be concluded that advertising budgets are big and slogans are fairly competitive.

And here comes an opportunity for an insurance agent who:

√ wants to support their NGO with 1%,
√ wants to promote their services,
√ wants to occupy high positions in Google,
√ gains valuable links to their website.

However, they will have to face the question – how to gain the link from the NGO? One worthy way is to try is the following idea. You can try to obtain a premium quality link informing the organization about the fact that you have written on their website about the fact that you have contributed your 1%. However, it remains an open question – which organization you should contribute your 1% to, in order to get a link. Otherwise pose the question – which of the domains of our analysis, most often posts external links, while having high authority according to Google?

Below I will present you with step-by-step instructions on how to find the answer to this question.

Action Instructions

I. Create a list of domains which refer to “Contribute 1%”

In order to create a list of domains that contain content related to the subject of “Contribute 1%”

√ you must first download the plugin for Chrome “Mozbar” (download).

√ Then enter, without being logged in as user set the to your search settings

√ „Number of results per page “to” 100”

√ Enter Google “Contribute 1%”

√ Using Mozbar, export the results in the form of a CSV

√ Using the Screaming Frog SEO Spider, analyze the domain from a CSV file and past the list of domains (Upload list -> Enter manualy) and run the Screaming Frog SEO Spider analysis. In this way you will know about outbound links for each domain. Export the analysis results by clicking Bulk Export -> All Outlinks.

√ Using Excel:
leave only the rows that have „href”
By deleting the „follow” rows, we obtain a „false” value

√ At this stage, your file should look something like this:

√ Open the file in Google Drive.

√ Add “Domain source” at the end of the columnvand enter the formula
and drag all the way down to the end of data

√ Add another column to the “Domain destination” and enter the formula
and drag all the way down to the end of data

Add “Domain source” at the end of the columnvand enter the formula
and drag all the way down to the end of data

√ As a result, “1” will mean an internal link, and “0” an external link

√ Select interesting data and create a PivotTable

√ For rows, select the “Domain Source”

√ For values, select “Same Domain” with SUM and “Same Domain” from COUNT

√ Copy the effect of the above activities to the clipboard

√ Paste the new sheet as values

√ Add a new column “Percent External” and enter the formula
and drag all the way down to the end of data
Thanks to this column, you will be able to assess how willingly the domain links externally

√ Now you should get information on how high authority a given domain has in Google. To do this, copy the URLs to the clipboard and paste to the window Bulk Metrics Checker. The result is exported to Excel.

√ The result of activities of Bulk Metrics Checker (Domain Authority) should be added as a new column to your working file.

√ The result is:

II. Data visualization

I am convinced that there are other (more affordable) tools for data visualization than R, but by virtue of the fact that I have tried to explore issues related to Data Science and Predictive Analytics, I decided to follow the instructions in accordance with the original.

√ Download your worksheet file as a CSV with Google Drive

Instal R

√ instal ggplot2: install.packages(“ggplot2”)

√ instal grid: install.packages(“grid”)

√ generate a chart using the code:
link <- read.csv("C:\\{Directory}\\all_outlinks.csv")
qplot(link$Domain.Authority, link$Percent.External,
size = link$Domain.Authority, color = link$Domain,
label = link$Domain) + geom_hline(yintercept=mean
(link$Percent.External), color="red") + geom_vline(xintercept=mean
(link$Domain.Authority), color="red") + geom_text(color = "black", size = 2)


III. Analysis: which organizations should 1% be contributed to

Below you can find visualization for 30 domains with the highest authority. I have deliberately limited the number of results so that the graph is readable, and to better illustrate what results we want. Do not worry . I will talk about all results in the form of a statement in a moment.

What is most important for us:

√ the further domain is on the right side of the chart – the greater the authority
√ the higher domain is at the top of the chart – the more likely will it be linked externally (the higher the percentage of external links against all domain links)
√ For us the most enticing are domains located in the upper right-hand corner of the chart

The entire compled list of 85 domains, sorted by domain authority, can be found here in the form of an Excel file for download:

IV. Contributing 1% tax

Once you have selected the organization you wish to support, indicate it in your tax return.

V. Information about the contribution on the website of an insurance agent

It is worth showing your best side on the website of an insurance agent . Also write about what organization you contributed 1% tax to.

You can also ask your website visitors for similar charitable behavior.

VI. Informing the organization of the contribution

The final step is to inform the organization about your contribution, send them a link of the text regarding the contribution to your website, and a courteous request to add link pages of the organization to the site of the insurance agent.

A link to the original text written by Paul Shapiro on

[updated on 29.12.2015]

I have noticed a similar idea on the list of 101 methods of obtaining White Hat SEO links in November this year placed by Slawek Gdak. All text can be found here.


What is the best time to tweet for the concert ticket industry in Poland?

When should I tweet, when promoting a concert in Poland?

When promoting a contest for one of my projects –, I wanted to focus more on Twitter, as a source of high quality traffic. With the organic reach of posts on Facebook droping fast, the importance of Twitter seems to grow.

On, I’m promoting concert events in Poland. The site also has affiliate links to the biggest polish ticket distributors. Within the contest, the participants could win a festival ticket for the Open’er 2015 festival.

Actions on Twitter, like “follow” or “retweet” are the part of the contest. For each of these actions, the participants are getting additional points.

To get a bigger number of participants who will enter the contest in the first place, I’ve notified the followers about the incoming competition for 3 days before the launch. For the competition itself, I’ve used a contest widget called

Measured best time to tweet

To make the best out of these 3 days of pre-launch promotion on Twitter, I needed to know what is the best time to tweet for this specific target group.

The audience I was targeting, is mainly polish, interested in live events, concerts, festivals and… in the festival we were giving away a ticket for.

To get the answers I needed, I’ve started a report on the current followers, with a usage of SocialBro tool.

Results: Tweet often on Saturdays @ 10 p.m., and Tuesdays @ 8 p.m.

The main take away from the report for me is, that this target group is mostly online on Tuesdays, at 8 p.m. and Saturdays at 10 p.m.. The followers often share links about topics around tags: Christmas, love, online. Which makes sense, since the report has been made on the 21th of December.

Your followers share links about

Your followers share links about

What is the best time to tweet for the concert ticket industry in Poland: Your followers share links about

Your followers talk about

Your followers talk about

What is the best time to tweet for the concert ticket industry in Poland: Your followers talk about

Potential exposure by day of week

Potential exposure by day of week

What is the best time to tweet for the concert ticket industry in Poland: Potential exposure by day of week

Potential exposure by hour

Potential exposure by hour

What is the best time to tweet for the concert ticket industry in Poland: Potential exposure by hour

Online followers by day of week

Online followers by day of week

What is the best time to tweet for the concert ticket industry in Poland: Online followers by day of week

When are your followers online

When are your followers online

What is the best time to tweet for the concert ticket industry in Poland: When are your followers online

Online followers by hour

Online followers by hour

What is the best time to tweet for the concert ticket industry in Poland: Online followers by hour


What do You think about the results of the report? Please add Your comment below.
Do You have data on other target groups in Poland?

Podcast: “Marketing dla Coacha”

“Marketing dla Coacha” podcast launched


Podcast “Marketing dla Coacha”

I’m very happy to share this with You – I’ve started my first podcast series in polish: “Marketing dla Coacha”. The main idea is to deliver solutions or concepts of marketing strategies and actions for life or business coaches in Poland.

In the podcast episodes I will do my best to cover those effective strategies for the coaching business.

You can listen, subscribe and rate the podcast over at:

In the first episode of the podcast, I’ve checked what type of content devoted to the life coaching topics, got biggest number of viral shares

Concept: Monetize Your TV show many times

TV reach + Gamification = huge reach

Multiply Your TV reach 1243 times

Monetization of the TV / Radio content with social media leverage.

Currently talent shows and TV / Radio shows in general are focusing only on monetization with use of Premium SMS. When social media marketing is used, it is only used to build a dialog with a community. Until now social media marketing was not used to broaden the reach of the contest or monetization.

This is my concept of usage of gamification for multiplying the TV reach and monetizing a TV talent show.
You can also view the presentation on my Slideshare profile: Marcin Kowalik @ Slideshare, or on my Prezi profile: Marcin Kowalik @ Prezi. Further below, You can also find the description of the concept.

Multiply Your TV reach 1243 times and monetize the viewers of Your TV show many times

Monetization of the TV / Radio content with social media leverage. This is my concept of usage of gamification for multiplying the TV reach and monetizing a TV talent show.

Monetize the TV / Radio content
Concept: How to leverage social media marketing to multiply the monetization of TV or Radio content.

Marcin Kowalik
Past: Performance Marketing
Current: SMS Premium, CRM, Call in TV, Fan of gamification

Current TV talent shows: focus only on SMS

The Idea:
To vote for his favorite idol, and participate in the contest, the user has to perform actions.
The user gets a point for each action. Examples:
– social share
– subscribing to a YouTube channel
– … sending a premium SMS
The user with the biggest number of points at the end wins.

A $ once spent… makes a profit more then once.
To lower the Cost Per Registration:
– the user once acquired, is activated also later in the future contest
– CRM kicks in

Test run: Contest
– Test contest published on a website
– Prize: festival ticket
– Marketing: Only one post on an online forum… then social media mechanisms used only.

1 blog post + 1 post on a forum gave 1243 users joining through Facebook shares, and resulting in 11159 impressions, 6853 actions with 69 premium SMS.

TV viewers -> go to URL of the contest -> Social Media Leverage takes place -> Conversions on social media / email / SMS are the end result.

All networks covered…

Predictive Analytics: Meeting Dean Abbott & Arthur von Eschen @ Knime Meetup

After the Predictive Analytics World Berlin 2014

For two days of November, the Estrel Hotel Berlin became the Mekka of the Predictive Analytics enthusiasts. You can check the programm, the speakers, and register for the 2015 event already here.

Below, one of the quotes from the event:

Jon Francis
Senior Statistician

“Hands down, best applied analytics conference I have ever attended.”

One of the guests of the event was Eric Siegel, author of the title “Predictive Analytics”.

R, Hadoop… Knime

Sadly, I could not take part in the event, but I found a great oportunity to get to know an another predictive analytics tool better. If You read this blog constantly, You already know that I’m starting my adventure with predictive analytics. I find the intersection of performance marketing, product design, conversion optimisation with predictive analytics simply fascinating. The potential is huge.

knimeAfter starting to learn R and then Hadoop, I found that Knime could be at some point the perfect solution for my future projects. With my online marketing background, an urgent need to know my customers better, and a “beginners level” of programming skills, Knime will be the tool that I will be testing now. The graphical user interface and the concept of the community delivering many useful “nodes” could be an interesting approach.

Short quote from the KNIME website:

KNIME is the leading open platform for data-driven innovation helping organizations to stay ahead of change. Use our open-source, enterprise-grade analytics platform to discover the potential hidden in your data, mine for fresh insights or predict new futures.


Read also: Creative SEO for insurance agents (with usage of R programming)


Open Analytics… A Game Changer!

On the evening after the second day of Predictive Analytics World Berlin (4 – 5 November 2014, Estrel Hotel Berlin), Knime has put up a meetup event which included a crash course (thank You Tobias Koetter) on their open source software and a meeting with two legends of predictive analytics: Arthur von Eschen (Activision) & Dean Abbott.

Dean Abbott (full bio)

DEAN ABBOTT is President of Abbott Analytics, Inc. in San Diego, California. Mr. Abbott has over 21 years of experience applying advanced data mining, data preparation, and data visualization methods in real-world data intensive problems, including fraud detection, response modeling, survey analysis, planned giving, predictive toxicology, signal process, and missile guidance.


Arthur von Eschen (full bio)

ArthurVonEschen-Activision-268x268ARTHUR VON ESCHEN is Sr. Director, Game Analytics at Activision. In this role he leads the team of analysts that build highly scalable analytic services and analyze player behavior to support game design. In addition to holding a PhD in Operations Research, Arthur has over 15 years of experience in analytics consulting and R&D with the Fortune 500 and has built numerous analytic organizations from the ground up.

After finding our way through the dungeons of Estrel Hotel with my friend Leon Mills from adviqo, we arrived in the middle of the crash course.

Both of gentlemen – Dean Abbott & Arthur von Eschen, gave very inspiring talks about the biggest obstacles and opportunities in their jobs within the field of predictive analytics. I’ve learned a lot: from “Boosting detection in Call of Duty” (Boosting stands for a unique way of cheating) to the reasons of cart abandonment in e-commerce.

The event had a great vibe. Thanks to Phil Winters, who introduced the speakers, and made many interesting points, and asked some great questions during the meetup.

When it came to the question round, with my head full of inspiration, I had managed to ask Mr. Abbott only one question:

“With the legal topics in mind – what are the best types of third party data suppliers for predictive analytics?”

Open Analytics... A Game Changer!

Open Analytics… A Game Changer!

Predictive Analytics: Meeting Dean Abbott & Arthur von Eschen @ Knime Meetup

Predictive Analytics: Meeting Dean Abbott & Arthur von Eschen @ Knime Meetup

More links:
You can read more about the event here.
You can find an interview with Arthur von Eschen (Activision) here.
You can follow Predictive Analytics World on Twitter here.
You can find many nice video tutorials on KNIME here.

For me it’s now time to install Knime and give it a go with some data…


What are Your thoughts on both using KNIME, and the event itself? Please add Your comment below.



Polish magazine Aktivist using gamification / contest widget to achieve growth

Viral growth through gamification in Poland

When I wrote the text “How I won 540 leads for the concert ticket industry” (read the whole story here) two months ago, I had no idea that one of the leading online lifestyle magazines will choose the similar way of growing the number of online visits or social media contacts.

Polish online magazine using contest to get new users

Back then, I’ve wrote how I’ve used the Gleam gamification (“Grywalizacja” in polish) widget to promote the contest in which the users could win a festival ticket. Aktivist is using a gamification/contest widget on their website to grow the number of users on the website, and number of Facebook fans.

The contest widget used by Aktivist, is a part of a WordPress plugin called ContestHopper.

The contest widget used by Aktivist, is a part of a WordPress plugin called ContestHopper.

Giving away concert tickets. The right way.

In this case, the editor, Piotr Żmudziński is promoting a contest in which the users can win a ticket for the upcoming Kiesza concert in Warsaw (15.11.2014,  Soho Factory) . The contest widget used on the Aktivist site, is a part of a WordPress plugin called ContestHopper.

You can see the widget in action here.

ContestHopper allows You to setup a contest on Your WordPress site. Within the contest, the users after giving their email address, are allowed to share their individual contest link on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. With every share, they receive points. The user with the biggest number of points wins.

The short description of ContestHopper:

Create your own contests and sweepstakes in seconds with customizable designs and multitude of features ranging from referrals, automatic random winner pick to integration with your favorite mailing list service like MailChimp, AWeber, CampaignMonitor and GetResponse.

As You could read in the “540 leads” piece, I am a huge fan of MailChimp. So the fact that this SaaS is integrated into the ContestHooper is a big plus.

As a result of the contest (in theory), we should be:

√ gathering online leads (emails)
√ gathering Facebook fans / Twitter followers / Google+ followers

When it comes to the contest, what I find helpful for the magazine’s growth:

√ limited time of the contest
√ days left showed
√ number of total entries showed
√ display of media possible (still graphic or YouTube video)

P.S. What do You think about this contest and the ContestHopper widget? Is it better compered to Gleam? Or maybe we should not compere these two at all? And… do You like Kiesza’s “Hideaway”? I’m awaiting Your comments below!

Rebecca Rosenfelt on growth hacking of Airbnb in Poland

Growth hacking of Airbnb in Poland

Growing the business of a marketplace

Rebecca Rosenfelt, Airbnb Going for Global: 5 guerrila tactics. When the slick stuff fails.

Rebecca Rosenfelt, Airbnb
Going for Global: 5 guerrila tactics. When the slick stuff fails.

Rebecca Rosenfelt, Growth Product Manager at Airbnb tells an inspiring story on how the team has managed to deliver a huge growth of both types of users of the Airbnb marketplace.

5X better CPA: Guerilla Marketing vs Facebook ads

In the video You can also see the results of a test, in which Airbnb run a guerilla marketing campaign vs. a Facebook ads campaign. The goal was, to find a marketing channel with the lowest CPA.

Trend jacking in Poland

While working in the Europe’s heart of startup scene – Berlin, I find this clip very interesting. What is even more interesting in the presentation of Rebecca, is the point in which she is talking about the growth of Airbnb in Poland.

You can find one of the definitions of trend jacking, in connection with Twitter on

Trendjacking occurs when a trending topic on Twitter is hijacked with irrelevant tweets from spam users.
Google Wave is one of the top trending topics on Twitter, but it’s been hijacked by hoards of spam peddlers – trendjacking.

However, the whole presentation is very interesting, inspiring and worth checking.

62k free targeted brand exposures: Content marketing with infographic for the music industry

This is a story, of how I won 62k free targeted exposures of a brand and a whole community talking about it, with a truly loved (or hated) content.


Content marketing in Poland: let us make an infographic

Love the content You publish

Both as a music journalist back in my “radio days” (thank You Radio ABC, Polskie Radio Szczecin, and for the great time!) and as a website publisher, I have always dreamt of delivering a high quality content, which will answer the needs of the audience group, and help spread the word about the brand. For me, these are the main purposes of content marketing. In Poland, I have not seen a similar publication with the polish rap as the main subject.

Attractive content that I would like to share

But the main question was – how to produce this content, with still keeping it:

√ attractive
√ answering the users needs
√ informing or/and educational
user friendly
√ shareble to this level, that I would be happy to share it

The history of polish rap music was born

For one of my side projects – (website with concert news) I’ve decided to publish content which would explain in a clear, visual way, how the rap music in Poland was born.

Why? At some point in future, I want to be a publishing place for proven, reliable information about concert and the history of music.

The group I wanted to approach / target with this action can be described as following:

√ 30+
√ male and femal
√ concert goers
√ from all over Poland

As it later turned out, it was the perfect combo. Back in 1993 (when the history of polish rap starts in our content), many of the potential members of the target group were kids. Now, as adults and with a solid musical education, good taste and concert tickets purchasing potential they fit the target group perfectly.

Three elements of a successful infographic

Based on the success of this infographic (and many more) I think there are 3 elements, which can lead You to publishing a successful inforgraphic:

#1 The idea for the content

#2 The author of the text

#3 The graphic designer

I needed:

√ true, honest, controversial, subjective, well written text about the history of polish rap
√ combined with a kick ass infographic

Since, I’m not an expert in this genre, I needed a great journalist to write the text. An insider, or even better – a trendsetter. I find that the choice of the author of the text is the 33% of the success of the infographic.

For this job, I’ve chosen Andrzej Cała – one of the most reliable, honest and endowed with great knowledge about the genre of polish rap polish journalists. Well, basically he is part of the culture. He is also a native speaker, which is important.

The third part of Your success would be the choice of the graphic designer. For this task, I’ve chosen a friend of mine – Dominik Bułka. He is already a well known graphic designer, who works with international brands and titles.

The results

The numer of views, comments and the average time spent on article exceeded my wildest dreams. In total, the infographic received 62.781 views from 13th of January 2012 until 27th of September 2014. You can see the results in detail below:

√ 24.881 views on
√ average time on page 06:17 minute
√ 37.900 views on
√ 166 comments on
√ high quality external links
√ 531 Facebook shares
√ 6 shares on Google+
√ 327 “diggs” on (
√ 1916 shares on (,polskiego,rapu.html)


38k views of the infographic

38k views of the infographic

The subjective nature of the text made it almost impossible for the viewers not to comment the text. Some of them loved the text, some of them hated it (due to the fact that their idols were not mentioned).

Historia polskiego rapu - Infographic on Behance

Historia polskiego rapu – Infographic on Behance

You can count on Behance

The Behance network, loved by the designers is also a great place to get high quality feedback from the industry. You can find this infographic on Behance here.

Influencing the search behavior

I think that for me, the biggest takeaway (and prize) from this content marketing action is the fact how the search behavior of the users has changed. Below, you can see the screenshot of Google suggesting the search phrase based on the searches made by many other users in past.

Influencing the search behavior - content marketing

Influencing the search behavior – content marketing

0$ advertising budget

We (and by we I mean Andrzej, Dominik and me) have reached those results without any ads spendings. We have not bought a single ad. We have also not used help from any marketing agency. You may ask why? I wanted the text to be true and real.  We could achieve this goal only by working with true professionals and experts.

Need an infographic?

If You liked the results and the design, and would like to have a similar project done for Your brand (also in different industry) please message me on LinkedIn using the button below. I’m crusing between Szczecin, Warsaw and Berlin. I would be more then happy to meet You for a cup of coffee (or bottle of cold Red Bull ;)) to talk things over.

The final design

You can see the final infographic in polish below, and read the whole text also in polish here.

The rest… is history

If You like the design below, please also check other parts of the “History” project:

Historia Daft Punk (History of Daft Punk)
Historia Grunge (History of Grunge)
Historia Dubstep (History of Dubstep)

Historia polskiego rapu

Historia polskiego rapu

How I won 540 leads for the concert ticket industry

Gamification – The performance marketing tool

In past, I was working at a performance marketing agency. So You can understand my focus on high quality traffic and leads. Now, my passion is the concert ticket industry. Or even more detailed: online marketing for the concert ticket industry. I’m also an affiliate in diverse partner programs with event tickets in Poland and Germany. I’ve already written about the partner program for the secondary concert ticket in Poland (more here) in past.


Competition for the polish concert ticket industry

In order to promote my website, which is full of news about best concerts and festivals, I’ve used the Gleam competition widget/platform. As a prize, I gave away a festival ticket, 100 $ worth.

In a nutshell, I was looking for a widget which is leveraging:

√ the social media marketing

√ tasty graphics of the prize

√ gamification

You can see an example below coming from the website of the makers of the widget.


The prize

Now, that is the first important part. It is not just a festival ticket…

Opener Festival, for which the users could win the ticket, is the biggest summer music event in Poland. It has already won many awards – also the best european festival award.
Only in 2011 alone, there were more then 60.000 festival participants in Gdynia, and the number is growing each year.

Zrzut ekranu 2016-10-21 o 10.43.02

The widget has been placed as a footer below every post. This way, the quality of obtained users (and the potential of securing a sale in future) was high, due to the fact, that the traffic on the site is mainly coming from organic search results.

The festival begins on the 4th of July this year. And the Gleam competition with the ticket as a prize, was set up to run from begin of April until 21st of June.This given, the contestants had more then 60 days to enter the competition, and to make the best out of it.

Ways to enter is very active on the most important social media platforms. I am producing video content for the YouTube channel. Also, there are an active Twitter, Google+ and Facebook profiles of

So we’ve decided to design many ways to enter the competition, with almost every social media platform featured. The most important feature however, was, due to the viral effect of it – the „share on Facebook to get the entry”.

Also, to improve the link profile of the site, I’ve asked the users to write a blog post with a link to on their blogs.

To gather data for a future article, I’ve also asked a question as a way to enter – „Who should play at the next Open’er Festival in 2015?”.

With the use of the competition widget, I am gathering contacts for the use with future competitions and updates on the events.

The contacts are gathered with a dedicated Mailchimp list (emails), Facebook fan page (fans), YouTube (subscribers), Twitter (followers) and Google+ (Page followers). The email part was the most important one for me, since I care about the CRM activities performed on the users, to re-use the already acquired lead in future.

150$ of marketing budget

Since is just a side project for me, I did not had a big marketing budget. But, I think I understand my users – fans of good music and festival goers. So, there were only two marketing actions I’ve done to promote the competition, and to get the users in.

First, I have simply made a comment on a proper forum group, regarding the competition.

The first peak of entries and actions You see is the result of this action. Then, once first 200 emails have been gathered in Mailchimp, I’ve started a Facebook ad campaign, targeted onto a custom audience group called „lookalikes”.

The goal was to reach users similar in demographically and in behavior to the ones who alread registered with email. To build such a group of „lookalikes” on Facebook, You have to upload a list of emails already won subscribers.


Then, based on the gathered user data, Facebook displays the ads to the similar users (I will describe this process in an another post). This worked very well, and users acquired through the Facebook campaign converted on the competition with a very high level.

If the prize is tempting, and the target group young – there will be some fraud attempts

You should think about the worst possible scenario when it comes to frauds. There are some young users out there, who have a huge fan base or number of followers on their social media profiles. With only one sentence published on their profile, they can (consciously or not) do an attempt of flooding your widget. And this is what happend to the competition on June 13th: 4,5k impressions and 2,5k actions in only one day.

There are some ways to protect yourself from this. Example: tick the „require login” option on the competition setup.

I’ve also published a clear terms section, with a paragraph which clearly says that any entry found as fraud, will not be taken in account. There was some lawyer activity needed to write the terms section. widget seen by the user before entering the competition

Polish language pack

Polish was not the language Gleam was launched with in the beginning. So, I did the polish language pack. Now, with some small contextual bugs, the widget is ready for usage on the polish market.

Supported language packs























Total number of entries hidden

In order to achieve biggest possible number of users, I have hidden the total number of entries. Still, users tried to obtain this information inside of the competition community and asked about it between them in comments below the widget.


√ To collect users with potential high ARPU, advertise in places where Your potential customers are

√ Make a clear terms section

√ If You want to leverage the viral „share” function, give more points for such an entry, then for any other type of action

√ The prize and the industry itself has to be… “sexy” for social media. Ask yourself, if You would share the status with the prize on Your Facebook profile. If not – the competition will not be a big success. Insurance, hair loss, life advice, hygiene products – this will not work. Music, books, tickets, gym entry card, self improvement plant and everything which makes You look “cool”, smart or just better – this will work fine.

√ If You are looking for the polish version of this case study – please go to


  • 11159 impressions
  • 6865 actions
  • 2154 users
  • 540 email addresses
  • 1228 Facebook shares
  • 1093 questions answered
  • 990 website entries
  • 469 Facebook fan page fans
  • 441 YouTube channel subscribers
  • 329 Google+ page +1s
  • 183 Twitter followers
  • The SEO part: 48 blog entries about the competition

Mailchimp stats: 560 email subsribers won through the competition

Below, You can find some metiones captured by the Mention tool, which worked very good for keeping track of the viral spread, and an example of a tweet itself.





Now, its up to You!

I’m curious, what would be the best prize for Your industry, that You could use in the widget?

Secondary ticket market in Poland: partner program of viagogo

Secondary ticket market in Poland: still developing

With the polish law not allowing to resell tickets with a higher price then original, the options for the secondary ticket market are limited. The traffic appearing at my site with concert tickets however, shows an interest of the users in these topics.
Currently there are a few sites in Poland which are offering secondary ticketing opportunities:

The majority of them are small polish publishers, but the and are investing in online marketing activities like affiliate marketing.


Viagogo Poland: partner program at Salesmedia

Viagogo is an international company, which allows it’s users to buy or sell event tickets on the secondary market. The polish business unit has started an affiliate marketing campaign with the use of partner program launched at Salesmedia.


Affiliate marketing for the secondary ticket market

The details of the Viagogo partner program at Salesmedia:

  • provision model: Cost per sale
  • provision: 8% CPS
  • creatives: banners, text links, XML
  • landing page:

Secondary ticket market in Poland: partner program of viagogo


More details:

Please also read the post on using gamification in the concert tickets industry in Poland, for gathering online leads: read the full story.